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Grape juice from organic farming. Ideal for breakfast and snacks.

This grape juice was made with natural fruits that have not been treated with chemical synthesis. We have used varieties of Tempranillo and Grenache grapes, harvested in nacelles. Pressed by traditional methods and bottled on the property before the 24 hours after harvest, keeping intact all the properties of the grape.

This juice is especially recommended for children and for all people requiring an additional energy input. Especially for athletes because it contains a high percentage of vitamins and sugars. Some elements of value that contains the natural grape juice and consumed preventing and combating cardiovascular diseases by reducing bad cholesterol, are the following: Antioxidants, sweet polyphenols, colorants anthocyanins, tartaric and malic acids. Also has significant anticarcinogenic properties of RESVERATROL, that element is present in high concentrations in the grapes.

Serving temperature 8º - 10º C.

Once opened, should be kept cold.

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Zumo de Uva

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